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How Reiki works?
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Romanian Version

Nobody knows.

There are many theories and speculations. In his manual, Usui wrote that nobody gave him this method; that he realized that he received the power to heal on the Kurama Mt. but it’s hard for him to explain everything, even if he was the founder.



Reiki can be "understood" by practicing. Many manuals had been written. Many affirmations have been made. Whatever you will read and you will study, it will be nothing comparing with your practice. Just practice, experience and you will find many answers. Don’t search outside, the answers are in you.



You can start using the Reiki energy after an attunement performed by a Reiki Teacher. The instructor doesn’t give you something new, the attunement gets back in your conscience something you already had. And this initiation is all you need to use the healing energy in your life. The attunement is made for life, you don’t need to re-attune, even if you will decide to use the Reiki energy years after it.


You can use Reiki on adults, kids, plants, animals, food, water, cars, everything.

A standard Reiki treatment takes about one hour and the energy works on all levels.

I am waiting for you at the "Free Reiki International" forum

At least for today, do not anger, do not worry. Be Grateful and Humble. Do your work with appreciation. Be kind to all beings.