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Romanian Version

Usui used some common symbols from Taoist and Buddhist practice in his system. They were tools for the people who never worked before with the energy, in order to focus the energy; they are an easy way to connect with the energy. Some people say that you have to be attuned so the symbols could work. Some others say that they work even without an attunement, by your intention.  


The symbols are sacred but not secret, even if many masters say so. It’s up to you if you want to show them or not. You can find them, thought, everywhere on the internet. There are many stories, affirmations and controversies regarding the symbols: to see them before the attunement or not; to show them to the others or not; they have their own power or not; that they will loose their power or not if you show them to the other and so on.


There are many versions of the same symbol. Some say that Mrs. Takata taught them different to her students, others say that each student understood in a different ways the Kanji symbols. Mrs. Takata didn’t let her students to keep copies of the symbols, so every student kept them in mind according to their understanding.


Usui gave the symbols later on, so the student could connect easier to the energy and could use the system. Once you achieved a strong connection with the energy, they are not longer needed. But don’t rush yourself in giving up on them; practice as much as you can, feel the energy.


There are many discussions on what symbol is correct, which one works and so. All the symbols work, even if the one I was attuned to doesn’t look exactly like the one you were attuned to. This is not a reason for contradictions. Use the symbol as you were taught. It will work even if you draw a bent line instead of a rectilinear one. It’s the intention that matters. Draw the symbol and it will work.


The original system founded by Usui had four symbols, added later so the student can connect easier to the energy.


The first symbol is “Cho Ku Rei”, called the “power symbol” or the Focus symbol. It means “put the power here now".


The second symbol is “Sei He Ki”, the “mental-emotional” symbol, the harmony symbol. Sei He Ki heals the body, the mind and the soul. It cleans and it heals, helping us to see our constraints, to accept them and to clear them out.


The third symbol is “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen”, the distant symbol, the connection symbol. It’s about being in the present, in now. It’s used to send Reiki at the distant, in space and time.


The fourth symbol is “Dai Ko Mio”, the “Master” symbol. It means to live in the Great Shining Light.


The symbols are tools to help you in your journey. Don’t hang on to them, but also don’t remove them too soon. You will know the time when they are no longer needed.

The Power Symbol

The Mental-Emotional Symbol

The Distant Healing Symbol

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At least for today, do not anger, do not worry. Be Grateful and Humble. Do your work with appreciation. Be kind to all beings.