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There are many methods that can be used for sending distant healing. In time, your connection with the energy will be strong enough to not use the distant symbol anymore. But you shouldn’t hurry in this. Use it, feel it. For sending distant healing, use one of the methods below or invent one which will suite you best.


1. The Photo Method – It’s the simplest method to send Reiki at distant. Draw the three symbols learned at Level II on the picture and say their names three times. Intent that the person will receive Reiki as long as it’s needed. Put the picture between your palms and send Reiki.


2. The Proxy Methods – Using this technique, you replace a thing with another one. It is used when you want to feel an energetic rapport with the receiver. The intention is that a certain object represents the person you want to send Reiki to. You can use any object, as long as you can imagine where the head, the body and the legs are.

For example, if you use a remote control, a pillow, a bottle or anything else, intend that the top part is the head, the middle of it will represent the body and the bottom the feet. With a teddy bear it’s very simple, the head represents the head, the waist represents the waist and the feet represent the feet.

After setting the parts of the body, draw the three symbols on the object. Then treat the proxy, with the intention that the person is treated.


3. Beaming Method – The beaming can be made in person or by distant.

Distantly beaming: draw the three symbols in the air. Say the name of the receiver and any other information, if you want, as location, age and so. Intend that the person will be filled with Reiki. Hold your hands at the chest height or resting on your knees, with the palms up. Then send Reiki.

In person beaming: it can be used for sending Reiki to persons that don’t want to be touched or in case of burn victims. Hold your hands towards the person; draw the distant symbol (or say it in your mind) and intend to send Reiki.


4. Visualization Method – Imagine that you are next to the person you want to send Reiki to and send Reiki as you would be there. You will have to keep the visual picture while you send Reiki.


5. A list of the Receivers – You can send Reiki on a list of receivers, intend that each of them will receive a Reiki treatment. Put in the list their name, age, location, what should be healed and any other information that you want. Intend that each of them will receive Reiki. Draw the three symbols, put your hands on the paper and send Reiki.

Send Reiki for 15-20 minutes or as long as you feel in your palms that Reiki is sent.


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At least for today, do not anger, do not worry. Be Grateful and Humble. Do your work with appreciation. Be kind to all beings.