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Romanian Version

When a person receives the attunement for the Reiki Master Level, in common usage he is called Reiki Master. Practically, he cannot call himself/herself a “master” after some days (on some schools, some hours) of training. The best term is Reiki teacher or Reiki instructor. There are Reiki teachers who are, indeed, Masters. And that is because they work so much on themselves, they live the Reiki principles, they heal themselves and heal the others. And, certainly, they won’t call themselves “Masters”. Reiki is about compassion, love, share, humility, gratitude, kindness, “do not anger”, “do not worry”. The ego has nothing to do with it.  

In Japan, the student is allowed to take the next level when he proved that he achieved a certain level of experience and spirituality. In the West, the student takes the attunement first, and then starts to work. Technically, every person that received the attunement of Reiki Master Level is considered a “master”. Actually, it means that the person received the Reiki Level III attunement, he/she knows the system and can pass the attunements.

Usui gave the Reiki system as an enlightenment system. The principles help to maintain a spiritual focus. The Hatsurei-ho technique was given to develop the connection with the energy and to increase the Reiki channel.

In the West, these practices were forgotten. There are only the five principles, the attunements, the symbols and the hands positions. That is why many adds appear in the system, new systems “more powerful” and “higher frequency”: because something is missing.  


There are no “Masters” and “disciples” in Reiki. Reiki is a way of living. The mastery is in you. Live the principles, integrate the energy in your life, know enough information about the system and have enough experience to be able to answer the questions from your future students and share the gift you received. It's up to you if you want to ask for money or not. Just don't forget that this should be a gift for everyone.




“So, a great Reiki Master claim you to be, hm?

With many different Masters studied, you have?

Hundreds of students claim you, hm?

Ah, so little learnt, you have...

Only one Student there is...

Only one master you have....

You, the only Student are...

Reiki, the only Master is....”

I am waiting for you at the "Free Reiki International" forum

At least for today, do not anger, do not worry. Be Grateful and Humble. Do your work with appreciation. Be kind to all beings.